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Nicole Bangasser
via Google

Tim is an excellent instructor. He truly shows compassion, enthusiasm, and encouragement to his students every day. He always says that his goal for his business is not to become a millionaire but to instead provide affordable classes with small class sizes so that he can focus on each child individually and build a positive relationship with them. He will take the time to focus on your child, help them work in a group, and provide a positive learning environment. If you are looking for a safe and positive learning environment for your child or even yourself to learn a new skill, build self confidence, and increase focus Tim Flynn and Kato Karate are the right place you and/or your child.

Laura Doyen
via Google

Kato Karate is absolutely amazing! We have had two kids in Karate since September. Both have advanced to their Orange belts already. When we started karate one of our kids went from being excited to terrified once we got there. For a couple of weeks she sat in the back of the classroom. Tim was so patient with her and knew just how much to push/not push her until she participated in class. Now she goes without hesitation. Her confidence has grown tremendously these past 6 months. Thank you, Tim, for the dedication you have for these kids. It is heartwarming to watch each child excel during class !

Sarah Blakely
via Google

I love the fact that the kids are split up by ages and not ranks. We love Kato Karate

Brittany Gruber
via Google

Kato Karate has been an exceptional studio with programs that encouraged our son to excel into both The Black Belt Club and The Leadership Club.
We're so thankful that we made the right choice to join when we did as it's been a great experience all around for our family.
Master Flynn goes above and beyond to make sure his students are confident in all routines and forms, while maintaining the perfect size classes.
I would highly recommend Kato Karate!

Nichole Pautz
via Google

Choosing Kato Karate for my daughter is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She loves going to class, she’s made friends, she’s gained tons of confidence, and she’s become more focused and respectful in every aspect of her life. Her teachers at school have noticed the positive changes in her as well. Tim is a fabulous instructor. He’s so patient and encouraging with all his students and he makes everything easy to learn. Whether it’s a larger class night or a tiny one, Tim always makes sure that each student receives individual attention. My daughter and I couldn’t be happier!

Molly Penny
via Google

Master Flynn is amazing at what he does. His Martial Arts skills are top notch and he is so great with the kids. My son was never one to commit to any activities we enrolled him in until he joined Taekwondo through Kato Karate. The other parents are also very supportive and it truly feels like a family!

Rita Anderson
via Google

This program has been such an incredible experience for my daughter Elsie. She has talked to me about how much confidence she has gained being a part of Kato Karate. Master Flynn is a great motivator and instructor.

Heather Gordon
via Google

Kato Karate and the Skillz Team, along with Master Flynn and his amazing staff, have made a major positive impact on my ten year old son, Elias. Elias is confident and motivated to attend classes and advance in his Extreme Skillz class. Not only do the instructors teach their students to be confident in their abilities, but genuinely care for each individual child’s growth; both physically and mentally.
I have never met a team of more caring and kind-hearted staff and students!
Kato Karate is A+, in every aspect of the word!
Thank you Kato Karate for all you do! We love you!

Ally Milton
via Google

Kato Karate has amazing programs for kids through adults! Their skillz child development program and instructors are amazing helping children gain confidence, discipline, and social skills in a fun environment!

Fiona MacKenzie
via Google

My five year old has made a ton of progress in just a few months because the teachers have given him individualized attention and positive reinforcement from his first class. It’s a positive environment - Master Flynn is very kind, encouraging and knowledgeable. The classes are geared specifically for each age group, both in skills and developmental approach. We Highly recommend Kato Karate!

Trina Smith
via Google

Kato karate is accepting and kind to kids of all abilities. I have a shy daughter and a son on the autism spectrum and they're getting stronger and more confident. Master Flynn and his team know how to bring out the best in each kid!

Erin Tofte
via Google

My kids love Kato Karate!! Since starting, they have grown physically, mentally, and emotionally. The skills that they are learning not only benefit them in the school but in life as well. My 7 year old son has learned how to control his emotions better and how to be respectful and responsible at home and at school and daycare. My 12 year old daughter’s confidence has grown leaps and bounds, and she has succeeded at learning skills that she didn’t think were possible. The coaches are knowledgeable and are very attentive to each child and their needs. Kids get a lot of great feedback and get plenty of one-on-one or small group coaching. It’s very evident that the coaches care about each child as an individual and want to help them succeed. I am excited to see my kids continue to learn and grow with Kato Karate!!

Amanda Danberry
via Google

Master Flynn has done an amazing job with this program as well as my son. Would highly recommend this program to anyone looking. Thanks Master Flynn for all you do!

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